I can’t believe how captivating this novel was. Every single chapter had suspense and fear flowing through my veins. The Shining by Stephen King is a great psychological thriller. It is also a fantastic example of what Stephen King is all about. He is all about keeping whoever dares to read his novels on the edge of there seat every time one of his novels is to be picked up. I love the setting in this novel. The Overlook Hotel is a perfect place for creepy, twisted events to occur and does Stephen King ever take advantage of this. You can really feel the main character’s (Jack Torrance’s) guilt and frustration turn into rage. With this rage comes absolute suspense and terror. The images that appear in my mind when I read particular passages within this novel amaze me at how well written they are. I can picture parts of this novel perfectly. With all of this being said, you should definitely place a hold on Stephen King’s The Shining whenever you get the opportunity. An easy five star read!
@BlingThrash15 of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

The novel The Shining, released on January 28th 1977, is a thrilling novel set atop a mountain in Colorado at the isolated Outlook hotel, where newly appointed winter caretaker Jack Torrance, and his wife and son, Wendy and Danny are staying. Although prestigious and renowned, the Outlook has a messy history of previous owners being involved in mobs, mafias, and vicious gangs. As the Torrances spend more time there, they begin to realize there is an overwhelming presence of something that can only be described as extramundane and malevolent. Jack then becomes increasingly obsessed with the hotel’s past, and it quickly begins to worry Wendy, who believes that the hotel is bringing only bad things. As the strange events that occur within the Outlook start becoming more and more unexplainable, the horrifying past of the walls comes alive, and bring the Torrance’s to their breaking point. After reading this novel, I find my outlook on things has shifted in quite a few ways; one of them being an increasing fear of hotels! King told this story in a manner and style that was unlike anything I had ever read. His words enraptured me within the story to the point where I felt like I was experiencing everything first hand, alongside the Torrances. I had actually watched the movie before I read the book and that was a huge mistake. The movie did blow my mind, but the characters' growing insanity and fear seemed so much more humanized in the novel, which in turn made it even more frightening, because it made it feel so real. This was the most thrilling book that I have ever read, and I can’t give it any rating below 10/10.
It was amazing.
@crescendo_collective of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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