Piggy is a runt so he is raised by Mr. and Mrs. Todd. Mrs. Todd teaches Pig how to make her pancake recipe. Fox is starving at home because there are too many mouths to feed so he sets out on his own. Pig finds him in the hen house and invites him to the house for pancakes. Pig and Fox decide to open a pancake restaurant which is a huge success.

The illustrations are very colorful and detailed.

The story is a very short chapter book (48 pages) with 9 chapters. The story of the pancakes is very interesting and the secret ingredient is wonderful (which I won't give away). Pig and Fox's personal stories made me sad though. Pig was "weak and underfed" and fox lived in a home where his brothers and sisters grabbed most of the food for himself so this little one went to live on his own, but food was still hard to come by. When he came to the hen house, he had not eaten for days. This book is advertized for ages 4-8. I think this kind of stark reality is too much for the little ones. I would have enjoyed the story of the pancakes much more without this depressing thread. I would recommend this for grades 1-3.

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