Survive the Unthinkable
Survive the Unthinkable A Total Guide to Women's Self-protection By Larkin, Tim Book - 2013

This book looked very promising, but turned out to be a literary version of the movie "Groundhog Day". The publisher and editors allowed the author to take essentially 10-15 pages of information, and repeat it over and over and over.... I should know - I read the entire book, hoping that he would finally get to the "meat" on the next page. Guess literary suckers are born every minute.

The book primarily discusses the state of mind and attitudes that would be conducive to defending yourself when non-violent alternatives fail. While this information is useful, if you are also looking for detailed instructions on useful "combat" manuevers to take shy of a self-defense course, you won't find that information here. On the back cover of the book, it states "Armed with the tools to neutralize any threat, you will blast through the victim mind-set and live a freer, safer, more peaceful life." Clearly the author's definition of "tools" and mine differed considerably.

The best the author does in this arena is give a few helpful hints. If you take those tidbits and do a Youtube search on them, it yields multiple examples of the "how to" info that I personally was seeking, and did not find in this book.

Update - checked out the "Krav Maga for Women" book. If you value your time, and want to gain useful knowledge, skip this book and check out "Krav Maga".

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