A great Halloween-time read. Bray does a great job of setting the 1920's New York scene from the elevated trains to the Harlem Renaissance. Evie is a big fish personality in a small-pond-of-an-Ohio-town until she is "forced" to move to Manhattan with her uncle, Dr. Fitzgerald, the owner and curator of the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult. Although Dr. Fitzgerald claims only an abiding interest in others' beliefs, as the story progresses it is clear that his previous work for the government may have more to do with his museum than he'd like to let on.

Evie too is hiding a secret, about her ability to read personal secrets from items she holds. As Bray expands the scope of the novel, we meet other people with special powers, "Diviners." And it seems, just in the nick of time, as Dr. Fitzgerald is called in to aid the police in solving a series of grizzly murders tied to the occult.

With amazing atmosphere and a spooky supernatural element, this book will suck you in for a fun ride. For those who try to avoid books involving dark magic and the occult, you'll want to steer clear.

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